Microsoft confirms Windows 10 Anniversary is coming August 2 – what’s new

This is an improved operating system with newer and better features aimed at improving user experience. It was rumored that Microsoft was holding the new Windows 10 upgrade anniversary on the 2nd of August. Microsoft later confirms the truth in the rumor in that the anniversary will be held then. It also provides information concerning expectations in the context of this updates.

The Windows 10 update comes with various many new changes or rather improvements. Windows 10 update will have the features as described subsequently. One of the changes highlighted concerning the update is an improvement on the start menu. The start bar is upgraded and will be permanently on display. It also has links to power, file explorer and even settings.

Another change noted in the Windows 10 update is edge improvement. This edge improvement includes feature items such as a menu history, a browser that clears history immediately upon exit, AdBlock and Amazon assistant. Another improvement is a newly added feature known as a Windows ink. This Windows ink allows you to draw on your computer and add sticky notes if necessary. These can only for users who apply the use of a stylus or your finger that is in the case of touch screens.

A new improved Cortana has been introduced that can be used from lock screen plus over 1000 Cortana apps will be available in Microsoft stores. This introduction makes searching of items such as music and office 365 documents simpler.

There’s another big development; that is GNU Bash shell. This is an Ubuntu command line inside Windows 10. This is a development that not most users would be concerned about but rather something that would interest developers.

Furthermore, it has been such that Windows defender now has automatic periodic scanning to protect your devices. All in all positive adjustments have been made to quite a number of the preinstalled apps. From this information provided concerning the Windows 10 updates would you now consider upgrading your operating system before July 29th, the end date for the free upgrades?

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