Use simple tricks to get the free version of Windows 10 

All throughout the history, the upgrade of the Windows version is becoming a costly affair. Some feel that it is becoming a pricey prospect which can really waste of money if not done in a proper manner. This is applicable for both the upgrade and full license which makes this software expensive for home users. […]

Change the look of Windows 7 and 8.1 and get the taste with Windows 10 Transformation Pack 4.0 

Getting the new look on your old Windows is just a matter of click now. On July 29, 2015, Windows is going to introduce Windows 10 look with the Windows 10 transformation pack that will change the Windows version look just replacing the look of previous to the look of Windows 10 version. With the […]

Antimalware scan interface to be introduced in Windows 10 

An antimalware interface is enough for detecting all kind of malware products. The world renowned computer software technology company, Microsoft, is going to introduce a completely new tool – Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI) – for Windows 10. As a result, in the future, Windows 10 might be out of risk from the anti-malware program. AMSI, […]

Microsoft ambiguous on Windows 10 support 

Microsoft advertising phrase “supported lifetime of the device” has been raising questions. First, on whether the users will receive free features and second, on what specific upgrades Microsoft is referring to. Microsoft 10 has been praised to be familiar, productive, personal and flexible. However, not enough light has been shone on the specific details on […]

7 old features that Microsoft will get rid of from its Windows 10 to optimize user experience 

Skipping the Windows 9 name entirely, Microsoft pulled the curtain back on Windows 10 in the year 2014. The great news is that the new OS is due completion and will be released on 29th of July this year. This has left the windows fans speculating, having high hopes and great expectations while looking forward […]

How Latest Windows Version Is Gaining Popularity 

Nowadays Microsoft is trying to bring about changes and modifications to its Windows OS. The recent one is the introduction of the Windows 10 which is going to get launched somewhat in July 29th. In the meantime, there are various users who download and install technical preview builds which works quite well on many of […]

Updates provided by Windows 10 Home Edition 

With regard to Windows 8.1 and Windows 7, Microsoft provides an ability to the user to take control when or if you want to install and download various updates. However, it is somewhat changing now, with the discovery of the Windows 10. And analyst feel that the Home edition has somewhat got something to cheer […]

Cortana of Windows 10 supports iOS Devices and Android 

The unveiling of Cortana by Microsoft was done as a part of Windows 10. The digital application will be a part of Microsoft Edge browser and Windows 10. It was revealed by Joe Belfiore that Cortana will be part of the cross-platform as a part of Microsoft service. It is not surprising since the company […]

Phone companies to link Windows 10 PC to Smartphones 

Microsoft is coming up with its all the latest invention of a special application for Windows 10 that is designed to make smartphone owners to close the gap that is existing between PC and handset users. The software developer is expecting that the new application companion will make iPhone and Android phone owners to get […]