Microsoft lets users say no to Windows 10

This improved operating system now comes with new features, which gives the users an opportunity to go back to previous preferred versions if they are not comfortable with the new features.

Microsoft released a new operating system in July 2015 that is, Windows 10. Upon its release, Microsoft users who were widely then operating under Windows 7 and 8.1 systems are being encouraged to advance to the new operating system. These Microsoft customers are even being tricked to upgrade to Windows 10.

Microsoft has come up with ways to trap users into upgrading their systems to the new system; Windows 10. They have distorted the exit button x such that one cannot get rid of the popup upgrade advert using the exit button provided therein. The distortion is in such a manner that opting for the exit button just ends with you putting up for the upgrade then or at a later time as set by Microsoft.

This sort of rather treacherous approach was not very welcomed by Microsoft users because they found it a bit too extreme. Now as only one month of free upgrades is left Microsoft has finally decided to withdraw from such tricks in that the exit button allows you to decline the offer if so inclined. They went further and introduced a ‘decline free offer option’ button.

Terry Myerson, Windows chief clearly states that the plain truth is that Microsoft did indeed try to trick users into upgrading. Microsoft therefore decides to introduce a new updated version of Windows 10. The updated app with the decline offer has not yet been tested so what happens when it is selected is yet to be seen.

The reason as to why Microsoft decided to do this with just only one month left is not very clarified. This could be the fact that this is a very important month for Microsoft especially, concerning the issue of upgrades. Maybe they found that such methods of treachery has already found them in bad books with their market and could find them in worse.

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