Microsoft won’t wait for Windows 12 with its AI. Copilot will be a universal assistant in Windows 11.

Microsoft showcased its plans for Windows at the Build 2023 conference. Windows 11 will introduce an AI-based assistant. The upcoming release will bring a plethora of enhancements.

Windows Copilot will be a universal AI assistant in Windows 11.

AI is going to be a significant topic for Windows 11, even though it was previously associated with “Windows 12.” During the Build 2023 conference, Microsoft announced the new features it is preparing for its operating system, with the biggest one being Windows Copilot. Hence, Windows 11 will feature AI.

We have already had various Copilots, particularly the one in Edge, which practically helps us with text processing. In March, Microsoft announced the integration of Copilot into several other tools, including Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Windows Copilot will also incorporate Bing Chat, and in terms of functionality, it should not deviate significantly.

The advantage of this integration is that the chatbot will be available from any program, allowing it to universally respond to your requests while working on your computer. At least in theory. We’ll have to wait and see how it actually works in practice.

Hopefully, Microsoft intends to make up for the disappointment following the spring fiasco, where they claimed to integrate Bing Chat into the main panel. Technically, they didn’t lie, but the chatbot opened in the browser, and the whole presentation was quite misleading. This time, they explicitly mention that Copilot can respond contextually within programs, so there should be no deception. In addition to the basic chatbot, plug-in modules will make our work easier.

Windows Copilot won’t be limited to searching the internet; it will also assist with purely local tasks. It will handle things like changing settings, selecting relevant programs, and playing song lists, among others. The chatbot can be pinned to the side of the screen to ensure easy accessibility. (Until recently, it seemed that a similar feature would be added primarily to Edge, but its fate is currently unknown.)

Public testing of Copilot in Windows 11 will begin in June. While details are still forthcoming, the limited information suggests that the feature will be finalized and offered to the general public in the fall, most likely in the 23H2 version.

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