Windows 10 Insider Preview build 14371 arrives on the fast ring

At the end of July, Microsoft is to have a big anniversary update. Due to this windows 10 insider builds are being produced on a regular basis .Two new PC builds have already been produced just last week. Today, the 23rd of June 2016, Microsoft has released another-Build 14371.

Build 14371 comes with various improvements, bug fixes and new additions such as activation improvements. This activation improvement provides relief to any who has upgraded their PC and ended up with activation problems. This is remedied by an Activation Troubleshooter that Microsoft has introduced.

There are various other improvements .The builds ensure ease of access and improved audibility of the narrator. The learning speed for some slow cases on Japanese IME conversion and prediction candidate quality was improved. The new builds have also improved the file download experience in Microsoft edge. The build 14371 has ensured that the 3D display setting state will be preserved across build updates. The new builds fixed an issue resulting in MPEG-2 videos showing the wrong duration in the movies and TV app. They also fixed the issues of ‘scan options’ text being clipped and one where the offline event wasn’t correctly formatted .They also fixed an issue of the Action center icon was clipped. The new builds added to Action Center for when notifications are deleted by the platform. The new builds fixed the clock and calendar flyout. The new builds fixed an issue where certain keys in the calculator app might stop might working after switching between OCT and HEX model.

The builds fixed an issue that could result in the VPN settings page freezing after pressing connect. Furthermore, they fixed an issue where going between the all apps list and the tile grid of start in tablet mode could have a glitchy animation or show no animation at all. Issues of seeing duplicate were fixed. Cases of PDFs failure to print were also eradicated. The new builds have ensured that type to search does not fail to operate.

For fast ring releases, there are bound to be known issues to watch out for. Failure of the the network or VPN connections on the taskbar to launch the network settings page is the one issue that Microsoft listed this time round.

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