Fixing the annoying issues of Windows 10 

A lot of issues have been solved in the recent update of Windows 10. Some of them are restoring the Missing ‘Open With’ option, rectifying the sound issue, restoring the default app and various other errors.

Windows 10 advertisement in Internet Explorer 

It is shocking to see that Microsoft has hit a new low. Currently, it has sneaked the ad of Windows 10 into the security patch of Windows Explorer.

Delaying the launch of Redstone 2 of Windows 

Recently Microsoft has announced that it will be delaying the launch of the Windows 10 Redstone 2 to the spring of 2017.

Fixing issues of Microsoft Edge 

One thing that you can confirm is that Microsoft is on the right track with regard to Edge. This Edge which is a browser of Microsoft is definitely a huge improvement but has got a long way to go in order to challenge Firefox.

Noteworthy updates on Windows 10 

One of the updates present in the Windows 10 is the Cortana. This is the personal assistant of Microsoft and is currently available in various languages like French, Spanish, Portuguese and more.

Microsoft plans to take over PC market through Windows 10 

As per various analyst, there is no doubt that Microsoft can control the PC market eventually, either one way or another.

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection – The latest security function from Windows 

The given tool provides a new and post-breach layer kind of security to the available Windows 10 security stack

Preventing Microsoft from using Windows 10 lock screen 

Recently, some of the users have noticed that the images or the photos of their choice or the images selected by Microsoft are getting replaced with the ads of games.

Limitation of Windows store games 

With the launch of the Universal Windows Platform, the kind of featured games and apps that Windows Store had done not get a clear mobile focus.

Arrival of Windows 10 Insider Preview Redstone build 14271 

Arrived on the fast ring 6 days, a whole lot of improvements were made and it consists of three additions to the Microsoft Edge but there is no support given for extensions.