Windows 10 Anniversary Update makes Cortana unstoppable 

Various changes in the terms of the updates and this consist of the usable Start menu, updated Windows Defender, Windows Ink, and the user-friendly Cortana which is impossible to turn off.

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14376 for PC and mobile arrives on the fast ring 

Build 14376 is being introduced by the software giant for both PC and mobile to the fast ring and in the process sliding out build 14372 to the slow ring. This new build 14376 comes with over 1800 fixes.

Microsoft confirms Windows 10 Anniversary is coming August 2 – what’s new 

This is an improved operating system with newer and better features aimed at improving user experience. It was rumored that Microsoft was holding the new Windows 10 upgrade anniversary on the 2nd of august.

Hide your name and email address from Windows 10 lock screen 

Showing your name and email address on the Windows 10 lock screen can be a major clue to intruders to infiltrate your privacy. So, do you want to hide your name and email address on the Windows 10 lock screen? Here we have two easier ways of hiding your name and email address on the Windows 10 lock screen.

Noteworthy updates on Windows 10 

One of the updates present in the Windows 10 is the Cortana. This is the personal assistant of Microsoft and is currently available in various languages like French, Spanish, Portuguese and more.

Preventing Microsoft from using Windows 10 lock screen 

Recently, some of the users have noticed that the images or the photos of their choice or the images selected by Microsoft are getting replaced with the ads of games.