Support for Windows 10 version 21H2 has ended. Only one remains.

Support for Windows 10 version 21H2 ended on June 13th. This applies to the following editions targeted at individual users: Home, Pro, Pro Education, and Pro for Workstations.

In practice, it means that the final service update (KB5027215) addressing various security and other issues in the operating system was released on June 13th. No further updates will be provided.

It is now necessary to transition to a supported version of the operating system. The good news is that Windows Update has likely already upgraded your installation to Windows 10 22H2. If you’re unsure, you can check the version designation in the Windows Product Information dialog. Press Win+R, type “winver” in the field, and confirm.

Which version of Windows are you using?

If you don’t want or cannot migrate to Windows 11, you can continue using Windows 10. As of April, we know that version 22H2 is the final release, and there won’t be any further versions. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about being on a supported version anymore, as regular upgrades have ended. Windows 10 22H2 will be supported until October 18, 2025.

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