Microsoft won’t wait for Windows 12 with its AI. Copilot will be a universal assistant in Windows 11. 

Microsoft showcased its plans for Windows at the Build 2023 conference. Windows 11 will introduce an AI-based assistant. The upcoming release will bring a plethora of enhancements. Windows Copilot will be a universal AI assistant in Windows 11. AI is going to be a significant topic for Windows 11, even though it was previously associated […]

Windows 10 without new features anymore. Less than three years of patches, then death 

In recent months, we have been contemplating how many incremental versions of Windows 10 Microsoft will still release. From a user’s perspective, it doesn’t matter much because for the past few years, new major versions have brought minimal changes, and now the company is fully focused on the development of Windows 11, possibly even preparing […]

This is Moment 3 for Windows 11. The Clock Shows Seconds, Context Menus Controlled by Keyboard 

The final phase of testing for Moment 3 has kicked off. There are quite a few new features, but they are mostly cosmetic changes. Clocks Can Display Seconds The network icon indicates VPN connection, and the clock now shows seconds. Copy Code with a Single Click Context Menus Can Be Controlled More Easily with a […]

Enhancing PC Performance with Driver Booster on Windows 10 

Driver Booster

In today’s fast-paced digital world, maintaining a healthy and efficient computer system is vital. One crucial aspect of optimizing system performance is keeping device drivers up to date. Outdated or faulty drivers can lead to compatibility issues, reduced performance, and even system crashes. Fortunately, Driver Booster, a popular application for Windows 10, offers a convenient […]