10 things Windows 10 does better than Windows 8 

With Windows 10 winning the hearts, Windows 8 can be forgotten as a bad dream.

Freeing more than 26GB of Window’s hard drive space 

Anniversary update is accountable for the extensive massive bite that is taken from the hard drive space which is free. Here the count of free size can be about tens of gigabytes.

Microsoft facing lawsuits over forced Windows 10 updates 

The renowned software company is up against several attorney generals in the US after word got out that they are using unconventional methods to get users to upgrade their computer versions.

Microsoft confirms Windows 10 Anniversary is coming August 2 – what’s new 

This is an improved operating system with newer and better features aimed at improving user experience. It was rumored that Microsoft was holding the new Windows 10 upgrade anniversary on the 2nd of august.

Windows 10 Update: Interoperability between Microsoft Edge and IE 11 

Microsoft has announced that its upcoming Windows 10 update will introduce a new Internet Explorer group policy to restrict IE11 usage. This will apply to sites that run on Enterprise Mode Site List.

Official announcement from Microsoft confirms the security fixes for ten year period 

Somewhat in the month of January, Microsoft has issued a statement informing that the Windows 10 would have an extensive and supportive lifetime in terms of the device when it is getting installed. Now somehow, this word or the statement created a lot of stir and a certain amount of confusion. People started asking about […]