Windows Backup Expands to Windows 10 with OneDrive Advertisement 

Windows 10 build 19045.3391 is now available in the Release Preview channel. An unexpected addition is the Windows Backup tool. An advertisement for OneDrive will appear in the Windows 11 Start menu. Introduction In late May, Microsoft introduced its backup solution – Windows Backup. While not feature-rich, it can still make life easier when you […]

Turn the Start menu unrecognizable 

The current implementation of the Start menu as it is provided by Microsoft on Windows 10 may not suit everyone. This is confirmed by the existence of several third-party applications, the purpose of which is more or less fundamental visual and functional transformation of this system part. Start Menu 8 You can try the Start […]

Enabling Dark Theme in Windows 10 Anniversary Update 

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is available officially online and it is loaded with new features and more improvements than the earlier ones to get more excited. The most awaited additions to the operating system have been the dark theme which is considered to be attractive and comprehensive.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update makes Cortana unstoppable 

Various changes in the terms of the updates and this consist of the usable Start menu, updated Windows Defender, Windows Ink, and the user-friendly Cortana which is impossible to turn off.

Microsoft confirms Windows 10 Anniversary is coming August 2 – what’s new 

This is an improved operating system with newer and better features aimed at improving user experience. It was rumored that Microsoft was holding the new Windows 10 upgrade anniversary on the 2nd of august.

Windows 10 anniversary update – New start menu for easy operation 

The current update was posted by Jen Gentleman who was the same engineer who shared the details of the badge notification.

Accessing Windows 10’s secret apps view 

If you have experience in working with File Explorer, then you will be aware that there are many views to select from and each of the various views can be suitable for various kinds of tasks.

Fixing the annoying issues of Windows 10 

A lot of issues have been solved in the recent update of Windows 10. Some of them are restoring the Missing ‘Open With’ option, rectifying the sound issue, restoring the default app and various other errors.

Windows 10 – Can it still be better and good to use 

Plenty of criticism has been taken by Windows 10, but it is still a great operating system and the best upgrade from the Windows 8.1.

Is your Windows 10 start menu showing ads? 

Since the recent build 10565 update for Windows 10 there is a surprising change with the Start Menu. Did you notice any difference? The Start Menu started showing advertisements. Currently these are in the block form and static. Exactly like the first generation of web advertisement units we have experience earlier. If any of you […]