Windows 10 is released now! 

Finally she is out in the town, yes, we are talking about the much discussed, shared OS from the Microsoft, the Windows 10 – the one of its kind OS in the series for the last time, that shaped history with its ancestors. Many of you already know the fact Windows 10 is free, you […]

Windows Hello – What is it about 

There have been a lot of talks regarding Windows 10 and its new features. But the most common talk has been the Windows Hello passing. Just a couple of weeks back, a video was shown of the security feature and a new advertisement was displayed showing the features of the security. Not similar to the […]

Security concerns and doubts about Windows 10’s Wi-Fi 

Wi-Fi Sense is one of the first wireless connection programs from Microsoft which was introduced for the Windows Phone 8.1. However, now it is ported to the Windows 10. As per most of the programming in-charges and software professionals, this so-called Wi-Fi Sense is one of the simple and convenient means of connecting to the […]

Official announcement from Microsoft confirms the security fixes for ten year period 

Somewhat in the month of January, Microsoft has issued a statement informing that the Windows 10 would have an extensive and supportive lifetime in terms of the device when it is getting installed. Now somehow, this word or the statement created a lot of stir and a certain amount of confusion. People started asking about […]

Release of MS Office app with Windows 10 

As the days are inching closer to the release date of Windows 10 which is July 29th, there are various stories cropping up related to the anticipate update of the Microsoft Office. This is one of the other staples of the MS tool which is offering the Office and as per the company certain inhibitions […]

Microsoft discontinuing health and fitness apps 

As per a recent confirmation from Microsoft, the less actively downloaded MNS apps would be discontinued and they won’t be appearing in the Windows 10. These apps are MSN Travel, Photosynth, MSN Health and Fitness, MSN Drink and Food and among them killing the MSN Health and Fitness apps is a low blow for Microsoft’s […]