Windows 10 Anniversary Update makes Cortana unstoppable

Just few days left for the global roll of the update related to the Windows 10, OS giant and tech revolutionist Microsoft is getting busy. It major priority is squashing the few major bugs just before the time for the pre-release comes.

Also, it has scheduled for various changes in the terms of the updates and this consist of the usable Start menu, updated Windows Defender, Windows Ink, and the user-friendly Cortana which is impossible to turn off. Well, the unability of the user to disable the Cortana is the shocker that users are going through.

Currently, disabling the Cortana in the latest version of Windows 10 seems impossible. Previously, you need to click on the Start option, then choose Cortana and the go to the Cortana search settings. Then from there you have to simply flick the toggle to get it off.  But in the latest Windows Update, i.e. Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the menus have undergone a huge change. There are multiple options at your disposal for various activities.

For example you can configure the Cortana from allowing the digital assistant respond to ‘Hey Cortana’ to other functions like disabling or enabling the features present on the Lock screen and Taskbar. But there is no thing that you cannot do. It is to turn off the Cortana.

Now if you are a Windows 10 user, you cannot turn off or refuse this Anniversary update. Since the update is mandatory, it is difficult to avoid. Plus, there are many formadable changes so, avoiding it just because you are not a fan of Cortana will not be a smart move. However, if you don’t want the Cortana, you can easily disable it in the Group Policy Editor. This is only available in the professional version of the Windows 10, and not in the Home version.

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