Fixing the annoying issues of Windows 10

It has been seven months since Windows 10 has released. Even though it is not polished, perfect and the user-friendly operating system; Microsoft has fixed some of the certain issues which users had encountered previously.

The first issue was the missing of the ‘Open With’ option. Most of the users have found the ‘Open with’ option which usually appeared when right-clicking the context menu, has disappeared. This is one of the major annoying issue with the current version of Windows 10. Currently Microsoft has fixed this issue but people are still shocked on how occasionally Windows is able to screw up its features and functions.

Next issues is restoring the default apps. A common knowledge among most computer users is that Windows does not reset the default apps on its own. Take the example of replacing Chrome with Edge. One can easily change it back but it has to be done manually.

First you need to open the ‘Start Menu’. Then you need to type in the default app settings and click on the ‘Enter’ button. You even have the option to update the default program through the Control Panel. Another issue is the sound. Even it has been seven months since Windows 10 has become available, people are still dissatisfied with the sound quality.

In addition, Windows has not been able to avoid the bad updates from installing. Microsoft has made the Windows 10 update mandatory. This is done in order to avoid the problem with regard to unpatched personal computers from getting trapped or affected by malware and hackers. This was indeed a smart idea, but the software giant started to issue many dodgy updates which caused users a lot of problems.

The next issue is the buggy software. When Windows 10 came out first, there were quite a few programs which were not fully compatible with. Currently the developers have rectified it and this program doesn’t seem to crop up again.

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  • We recently installed Windows 10 after annoying online reminders for months. Once installed, we can no longer access the USB ports on Lenovo B575 without getting prompted for Windows Password. The problem is we never set any password on our laptop or windows 10 at any point. Suddenly after installing windows 10 we cannot retrieve our USB flash drives. Can we disable this port locking thing… Without ever asking for any password?

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