Windows 10 anniversary update – New start menu for easy operation

There seem to be good news for the Windows users. The Window Insiders will be now able to access the new Start menu. This is going to happen during the Anniversary Update of the Windows 10 gets rolled out. Most people are aware of what to expect from such a huge update from Windows10. The previous update was the badge notifications present in the taskbar of the UWP apps and now the latest one is the updated Start menu.

This particular update was bought to the notice of people by the same Microsoft engineer who shared the details of the badge notifications. Jen Gentleman was the person, who posted the given update in animated GIF version on the Twitter. Furthermore, there are more or less some notable changes present in the updated version and this includes the nested hamburger menu.

Since the new Start Menu is in the development process, where it is just tested internally in the Microsoft head office, developers have been quite. Even most of the Windows users are waiting when it is going to roll out the new one on the Fast ring. Some feel that there is a slight possibility of all the things getting updated and changes in the coming weeks. Keeping in mind of these factors, the animation which was posted cannot be fully trusted. But still it does give one an intriguing insight of the idea of what Microsoft is planning to do.

The tweet of Ms. Gentleman might be for few seconds long, but a good amount of interest has been generated. And interestingly, the hamburger menu is used for housing the icons which comes in Most Used and All App sections. Currently, the redesign gives an easy access to the various system folders like Documents and Music. Even certain amount of changes is present in the cards of the Start screen which is what Feedback Hub had stated.

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