Windows 10 – Can it still be better and good to use

Windows 10 has got some complaints and many users have grumbled endlessly regarding it. It is true to be critical, which the human nature is but if you have been using the Windows 10 for a year, then you would find out some of the decent advantages or worth it has.

One is the modern apps. A simple solution if you really want to enjoy using Windows 10 is to avoid using the buggers. Easy and obvious!

The next thing is the Start menu. Like most of the users, you might be happy that it is present, but hardly you use it. People have got the rare need to fire the Start menu, as sometimes we might not need to use various applications.

Of course, another thing that you might feel is the Microsoft edge. Yes! It sometimes looks like a kindergarten browser but not horrible. Even though it lacks any kind of necessary features and still Microsoft is trying to bring out a whole amount of necessary features.

Another thing that you often might come across is the Start menu titles. For some people, it brings a huge amount of joy even though the number of times you use the Start menu is less. Another aspect is the action center. Some might not regard this as a triumph of design but it does have the required simplicity.

And it provides an easy and handy way to toggle the Bluetooth and also adjusting the screen brightness. However, the issue with the incorrect reporting of the Airplane mode can be addressed here. Cortana is another aspect that you might come across and it might be best if you can ignore this. And not to forget the privacy which can still be improved.

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