Delaying the launch of Redstone 2 of Windows

Great news for the Windows 10 users. Microsoft is now working on the next version of its latest OS Windows 10. This new update or OS is codenamed as Redstone. Many of the online and technology enthusiasts can see the results of this labor which is in the form of the latest Insider Preview builds. Currently this is arriving on the Fast ring and that too one week from now.

According to the spokesperson of Microsoft, the latest and updated OS will have many new tweaks, features, and the required improvements. In addition, there would be some extension support which is for the Edge browser. And this includes the various Windows 10 entities like mobile, Xbox, Pc and more and which will makes them interactive and user-friendly.

Just like the ‘Threshold’, the Redstone is going to be released in two waves. Yes! The first one is expected to release in the month of June or somewhat in July. This is the best time to encourage the users of Windows 7 and Window 8.x to upgrade their operating system while it is free. The second wave which is the Redstone 2 will be launched at the end of the year and many people feel that it would be the continuation of the RS1.

Therefore, in other words, those features which will fail to make the first update will end up being in the second on. But the sources from Microsoft have stated that Redstone 2 will not be releasing soon and somewhat it is planned to get launched in the spring of 2017. Now there is a legitimate reason for it. As per Mary Jo Foley who is a Microsoft watcher, this delay is done because the software giant is waiting for the next huge wave of the branded devices of Microsoft to arrive, i.e. the new tablets, PC, phones and more. So, this kind of makes sense.

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