Noteworthy updates on Windows 10

The recent tweets that Microsoft has made regarding about the launch of the new Insider Preview builds has been false. Yes! Earlier Microsoft has stated that the release will not be held on Friday as the development team needs to work on certain potential issues during the weekend. But the spokesperson of Microsoft Mr Gabe Aul has decided to release the Windows 10 on speculated date, Friday.

With regard to fast ring releases, they have got various changes and features that have to be done. But they can be delivered a few internal tweaks. And Inside Preview Redstone Build simply falls to the former camp, and has various additional features to logon, Cortana, and many other apps.

The first update is to Cortana. This is the personal assistant of Microsoft and is currently available in additional languages like Portuguese, Spanish and French. Furthermore, these changes are based on the place where you are accessing it. As per Aul, for each new language and market, the Cortana team creates a customized experience that is relevant to each of the individual language and market.

Another feature of Cortana is that it helps in remembering things for you. For example, it keeps track of the book that you want to read, to-do task that you have to do within a due date, and more. Also in the future versions of Cortana, it will easily retrieve these tasks upon request, like a real personal assistant.

The next update is with the logon. In this new build, the logon experience has been updated. Now you can get a single background image on both the lock screens as well as logon. Then there are other changes and updates with consists of Sway integration using the Photos app and the March update of the Xbox app, especially for Windows 10.

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