Microsoft plans to take over PC market through Windows 10

A statement was released by Microsoft where it estimated that within two to three years, Windows 10 can be one of the most efficiently used operating system which powers billion devices all around the world. Currently, this looks quite possible and is in a positive mode as the new operating system is powering about 200 million devices.

Now whether the software giant will reach to this goal on time is not relevant, as one way or another it will take over the market of operating system and PC. It is going to be a walk in the park for Microsoft as a simple glance of the sales of laptops and desktops, can show you how PC market is struggling. Also with Tablets, it is the same thing as its sales is decreasing.

The popularity of Windows 7 when compared to Windows 8 is a clear proof of how much efficient and in demand Windows OS is. Windows 7 which was released six years ago is used in more than half of the PCs all over the world while Windows 8 captures only 10% of the usage share. Here Microsoft is try to clean up this huge mess as the majority of revenue which it is getting from the old release is insignificant.

Why it is a mess because developers will be least interested in making editions and updates on old OS and sometime later it will lead to the end of the Windows OS regime. What could make Windows 10 a huge hit is the presences of free upgrade. If you are having a valid Windows 8.1 or 7, then you can easily make the transition from Windows 7 0r 8.1 to the latest and high-tech Windows 10. And the best part is that the OS can be automatically downloaded into the PC of people which makes the upgrades quite easy to do and performing various operations.

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