Windows 10 advertisement in Internet Explorer

There are no depths Microsoft will sink into for its relentless quest in getting the world to use the Windows 10. Yes! Surprisingly, it has already ensured that the new operating system becomes the recommended update for the Windows 8.x and 7. In certain systems the update gets automatically downloaded as well as installed.

However, the firm’s new sneaky trick is going beyond the pale. As per the documentation issued by Microsoft, a new security patch has been introduced for the Windows Explorer. This adds a new functionality on the Internet Explorer 11 and other versions of it, where users get to know about the latest features of the Windows 10 or automatically the Window 10 upgrade begins.

In other words, along with fixing the vulnerabilities of the Internet Explorer, the new and latest security patch will market the new OS to customers. Well, this is not acceptable to most of the users. The major purpose of the security update which is MS16-023 of the Internet Explorer which was released recently was that as per the support document KB 3139929. In this it has to solve the various reported vulnerabilities present in the browser. And this includes the one that provides the remote code execution, especially when the user is checking out a crafted webpage on the Internet Explorer.

In addition, the document even states that the security update consists of many non-security related fixes for the Internet Explorer. Interestingly, the user will be displayed with a link that would how some of the major KB article numbers like KB 3146449. This simply describes that to get the updated Internet Explorer functionalities, the Windows 7 or 8.1 must be upgraded to Windows 10.

Now before the user clicks on the link which automatically upgrades the given Windows to latest Windows 10, the user must know about the features and functionalities of Windows 10.

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