Limitation of Windows store games

Initially, when Windows Store was launched, it had various games and apps which somewhat had mobile focus. But it changes with the launch of the Universal Windows Platform. This helped the developers to have a framework provided by Microsoft and with the release of the Windows 10.

Do you know that the Rise of the Tomb Raider was one of the first major of AAA title which is available through the Windows Store? However, it won’t be the last, as Microsoft has announced plans for making it as one of the Xbox One exclusive game. Basically, the game will be simply available in the console for Microsoft game and through the Windows Store.

Now this is beneficial for PC gamers at the first glance and helps in accessing the game. What about the games those are present in the other PC stores and for the retail channels? There are certain differences between the PC games and Windows Store games which are games work in borderless full-screen mode, SLI and Crossfire are not supported, Vsync is often On and it cannot be turned off, modification of the games are not possible, game overlays are not often supported.

Additionally, the games are not incompatible with the non-Windows 10 OS and they might run in borderless full-screen mode. It is evident that the Windows Store games might not exclusively be available in full-screen mode currently, but might be in the future. Now the main purpose of the Vsync is to avoid the screen tearing of the games. Both NVIDIA and AMD can help in giving a better method for avoiding the tearing of the games, and that too G-Sync and FreeSync ones.

Unluckily, the features cannot be used if the Vsync is active. Plus most people feel that the Vsync can cause input lag and sometimes drop in the performance.

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