Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection – The latest security function from Windows

Nowadays, cyber attacks are getting more and more sophisticated and even costly for most of the businesses. It has come to the attention of Microsoft that it has to give extensive and robust protection for the customers of its enterprise. Plus it is offering various new services for finding the defect in them as well as investigating and responding the advanced attacks to which it is subjected.

As per Microsoft through the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection it has added a new and improved post-breach layer which is the best security stack of the Windows. With the combination of cloud services and the client technology of Windows 10, this tool can easily help in finding out the threats which have made past other kinds of defenses.

This tool will even give the enterprise various data that can help in investigating the breach through enormous endpoints and give response recommendations. Furthermore this tool will give key information on the various attacks, all this is thanks to the cloud-related threat and intelligence. Here the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection tool applies the combination of Windows behavioral sensors, threat intelligence, cloud related security analytic, and even tapping into the intelligent security of the Microsoft’s graph that often utilizes the data analytic for finding out the anomalies.

Also the tool provides the extensive feature for the admin to examine the machine’s state and its activities for the last six months, so that it can maximize the historical investigation capabilities and give information, provided it is based on a simple attack timeline.

In the Window’s blog, Terry Myerson, who is the head of the Microsoft’s Devices and Windows Group has stated that just like how they had developed Windows 10 from the various feedback given by millions of Windows Insiders, in the same way, the team interacted with advanced enterprises and customers for creating the tool. They addressed various issues like attack investigation, highest security challenges, day-to-day operations, testing the solutions of their environment, and more.

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