Windows Backup Expands to Windows 10 with OneDrive Advertisement 

Windows 10 build 19045.3391 is now available in the Release Preview channel. An unexpected addition is the Windows Backup tool. An advertisement for OneDrive will appear in the Windows 11 Start menu. Introduction In late May, Microsoft introduced its backup solution – Windows Backup. While not feature-rich, it can still make life easier when you […]

Windows 10 advertisement in Internet Explorer 

It is shocking to see that Microsoft has hit a new low. Currently, it has sneaked the ad of Windows 10 into the security patch of Windows Explorer.

Is your Windows 10 start menu showing ads? 

Since the recent build 10565 update for Windows 10 there is a surprising change with the Start Menu. Did you notice any difference? The Start Menu started showing advertisements. Currently these are in the block form and static. Exactly like the first generation of web advertisement units we have experience earlier. If any of you […]