Official announcement from Microsoft confirms the security fixes for ten year period

Somewhat in the month of January, Microsoft has issued a statement informing that the Windows 10 would have an extensive and supportive lifetime in terms of the device when it is getting installed. Now somehow, this word or the statement created a lot of stir and a certain amount of confusion. People started asking about what this supported lifetime in terms of the device is and how is it implemented by the Windows 10.

As per one of the updated support and field document published by Microsoft in its website, the firm has decided to offer extensive mainstream support for the Windows 10 module from somewhat to Oct 13, 2020. And get it extended to support for about Oct 14th, 2025 (i.e. some people feel that this is the best timeline Microsoft has to issue and take care of the Windows 10 protection features)

The supporting periods are somewhat less or move in the line for supporting the cycles of Windows 8, 7 and so on; making sure that you would not be just cut off early and support-wise it would be the same with the Windows 10. However, there could be chances that your PC may not be supported by the manufacturer and this would not be good for you. As per one of the representatives and ZDNet, Windows 10n can be installed on those devices which are not OEM supported and there are no any other necessary plans for this.

To put this concept in order form, it means that the given Windows 10 update related to the software would not be applicable for software update even though the manufacturer is still not the avid supporter of the PC and system. According to the talks with the representatives of management, it was decided that Microsoft would release the Windows 10 version for tablets and PC at 29th July and Windows 10 for the mobile would be coming short after it somewhere near to the fall.

So, what it means is that if you are still using the Windows 8 or 7 version, you do have the regret. You can still use the copy which you have reserved and see how well the Windows 10 work after it is released. It just means that the wait is now over to get access to the latest technological advancement from the Microsoft.

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