Microsoft facing lawsuits over forced Windows 10 updates

The renowned software company is up against several attorney generals in the US after word got out that they are using unconventional methods to get users to upgrade their computer versions.

Among these include reversing the meaning of the corner X such that by clicking on it, the clueless users actually agree to the upgrade. In addition to that, they have also removed the X from the box in some devices thereby taking away the choice of exiting the screen from the user.

Needless to say, these uncouth actions have attracted legal action from some infuriated users. One woman even went ahead to sue the company and was paid $ 10,000 after the upgrade resulted in damaging her computer. This was just the beginning of trouble for Microsoft since Attorney Generals in various states in the US are now taking a keen interest in protecting the consumers against Microsoft’s new tendencies. The New York Attorney-General Eric Schneiderman is already on the company’s case and is looking into various complaints to the courts. This is according to the Rockland County Times.

Microsoft is resulting into such activities to get users to move forward before the free upgrade period runs out. However, this is not sitting well with some users because it results in damage to their computers among other such inconveniences. The users who thus feel cheated have taken their grievances to the courts of law.

The company in question may argue that they have a clause in their terms of use that justifies their action. The section which is part of their Windows 10 License Terms contains a binding arbitration clause and class action waiver in the US. It states that the consumer has to go along with when it comes to installing updates whether or not the update was willed by them. Clearly this does not entirely protect the company seeing as they have already been sued and may face more legal action in future.

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One thought on “Microsoft facing lawsuits over forced Windows 10 updates

  • I have posted on every single feedback option box, whenever I have used the Microsoft search box and it has not taken me to a site which has anything to do with providing me with the answer to the problem as I have properly identified it.

    I have time after time found that Microsoft is trying to steer me away from any APP (a term which I despise by the way!) which Microsoft does not have complete rights of and control over. Microsoft, at every turn, pushes on its customers/users what it has determined is in the best interest of the user; ironically very much implementing the same “policies” of our current president; “I know what you need better than you know what you want” approach in leading.

    Microsoft in addition to trying to lead users to the place which will satisfy its agenda, has recreated a new version of the old “control panel” which provides choices; but in the case of this new “settings feature”, all of the choice options are only found in the Windows Apps store, unless the user is very knowledgeable and has already put into place the software and the applications which he/she knows, will by default, open what the user wants open and the software which will open it. Most users do not have the background knowledge to make choices prior to ending up at the place where the only choices available are Microsoft applications. In affect what Microsoft is doing is moving the PC away from the traditional “work/play” environment to one which is more aligned to Apple’s appeal; which is to make computer use a pleasure and “friendly” to those that want to be able to trust the provider from the get-go; but unlike Apple, that wants this kind of reputation, Microsoft is only using the appearance, which will later reveal just how accurate the millions of Microsoft hackers were and perhaps there was a “good intention” built into their method with its madness!

    In Microsoft’s case, because of its long history of not being proprietary, as it would have in the past accused Apple of being, is resorting to deception, invasion of privacy, limiting user choice if you happen to be average or below average in your ability to choose and force your decision through to completion, and lastly it is leading users to believe that it is looking out for the user’s best interest by making decisions for them, when it is easily proven that many of the places that users find themselves in is in Microsoft’s own financial interests; but this remains difficult for many users to see, for so much of what Microsoft is doing, which will bury them in the law suits, is purposefully hidden, or so “embedded” within the operating system, that most users simply resign themselves to the “old school” thinking that these are kinks which will be worked out with future improvements; which used to be called “service-packs” but it is more and more looking like “slave-packs” might be the more accurate description of future releases.

    The reality is that these are not problems which Microsoft will figure out how to correct and improve; but rather the calculated product of software engineering which leaves the user with choices, which regardless of which is chosen by the user, will land him/her at the same location; being forced to integrate.

    Because the financial gain is hidden by “free upgrades”; Microsoft will soon be redefining the word “Irony” as well as “Spyware and Malware”, when its “Trojan Horse” provision of “free upgrades” will unveil Microsoft’s decision that “if you can’t beat em’; join em”. For how many years did Microsoft invest a fortune on security updates to protect, not the user, but Microsoft, from the onslaught of hackers attempting to take down the evil corporate giant and bully!

    It appears to be Microsoft’s plan, that after it has secured a larger market share of users, bought up companies such as Skype, LinkedIn, and other popular “Apps”, and created the social media “face”, which Microsoft, has by its own devious actions, admitted that without this feature it could find itself in an eternal face-off with Apple, and Microsoft’s plan is to once and for all bury its nemesis of 35 years by “stealing” the Apple “Image”, which in itself could be another lawsuit in the making!

    So this rant could go on, but I am surprised that users of Windows 10 have not discovered that there is a much larger issue at stake here than just individuals being harassed by Microsoft; that Microsoft is going to surpass the threshold which lead to the breakup of ATT and Ma Bell.

    This is one greedy company and like our current government is attempting to “socialize computing” by “syncing” all users together using “apps” as the glue!

    I for one will not be synced to my cell phone!


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