Recent Windows 10 updates may have caused a number of problems. Microsoft has released a cumulative fix

In recent months, Microsoft has released a number of updates, some of which (under certain circumstances) caused various problems for users. These are now being addressed through the KB4522355 cumulative patch package, published on Thursday, October 24.

The newly released update is designed to solve several issues that users have had to face after the latest updates. These include problems with unresponsive Start menu, Cortana search bar, system tray icons, or Microsoft Edge web browser.

Patch for problems

Cumulative update KB4522355 is for computers running Windows 10 version 1903 and higher (that is, with 2019 May Update installed). BetaNews, which reported the release, somewhat skeptically notes that perhaps quality control has improved to the extent that this update will solve more problems than it causes.

From the long list of fixed bugs, let’s name at least some:

  •     Fixes an issue that prevents Microsoft Narrator from working in certain touch mode scenarios.
  •     Resolves a situation where Magnifier stops working under certain circumstances and needs to be manually restarted.
  •     Fixes an error that allowed the device to enter sleep mode (S3) even if the user set it to not fall asleep.
  •     Fixes an issue that in some cases prevents the application window from shrinking.
  •     Troubleshoot problems that prevent you from connecting to a virtual private network (VPN).
  •     Resolves a situation where the Photos application tile appears larger than expected on the Start menu.
  •     Fixes an error that causes the system to stop responding on the login screen.
  •     Fixes a problem that might cause a black screen to appear the first time you log on after installation.
  •     Resolves issues with unresponsive Start menu, Cortana panel, system tray icons, and Microsoft Edge browser.

The complete list of all the improvements and fixes is much longer and would be published in a separate article. However, if you are experiencing problems after the latest updates, it is strongly recommended that you install this cumulative update.

You can install the cumulative update either in the usual way via Windows Update (Settings-Update & Security-Windows Update-Check for Updates), or you can download it from the Microsoft Update Catalog.

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  • Thank you! I have been terribly frustrated by a number of things listed above and more. Just getting the computer working takes several attempts. I had Adobe elements installed but can’t find it. I installed it again and my photos disappeared, however I did fine them, not in folders like I had, but in a scan format in One Cloud. However the photos are not recognized or a system error comes up. I wish some warning or notification had been made known to us, everyone. I was just looking for an easy photo editor program for Windows 10 and read your notice.

  • Hi i would like to know how do i move from blue screen and back to my windows without deleting my app and softwares

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