10 things Windows 10 does better than Windows 8

Windows 8 didn’t give good experience to users and if there was no Windows 10, the sufferings could be worse, for both Microsoft and users as well. If Windows 8 was an evil villain, Windows 10 is a hero and with the latest updates it has become a superhero. Since, Windows 10 is a refined version of best elements of Windows 7 and Windows 8, it won’t be wrong to say that Windows 10 can perform much better than its previous versions. Here are the 10 things which Windows 10 does better than Windows 8.

1.      The Return of Start Menu

One of the most loving feature is back in Windows 10 and the best thing is that, the start menu is not like a launching pad but it looks more like a dashboard. Many Live Tiles are present and if you don’t want them, you can unpin them.

2.      Design of Windows Store Applications

The Windows store apps’ design was another great failing. When the Windows 8 apps were opened, they used to expand and fill the complete screen, even taskbar. This abnormality has been improved in Windows 10 and apps are opened in movable, resizable, and proper desktop windows.

3.      Improved “Metro” Integration

The “Metro” interface is smoothly fused in Windows 10. In Windows 8, Metro and desktop felt like battling interfaces. It was frustrating to deal with Metro app but in Windows 10, its eradication is a right decision. It is optional in Windows 10 and will occur only if you want.

4.      The Perfect Interface for Your Device

Windows 8 was launched as an operating system for every device but it was done forcefully as single interface was used on two different devices, PCs and tablets. But Windows 10 has done the justice by keeping separate interfaces for each device. And for Hybrid devices, Windows 10’s Continuum mode covers it.

5.      Direct X12

To attract gamers, Windows 10 has included Direct X12, the turbo-charged edition of popular graphic API technology of Windows.

6.      Virtual Desktops

In Windows 8, Windows desktop was just an app, but Windows 10 has enhanced this feature. Now you can have many virtual desktops, actually as many as can be easily handled by your hardware and they can be countless.

7.      Powerful Tricks

There are many powerful tricks in Windows 10 such as display can be greatly enhanced, paste support in command prompt, four corners of screen hosting four open windows, etc. Such tricks were not present in Windows 8.

8.      Action Center

A notification about an app was great in Windows 8 but after popping up, it used to disappear into ether. An improvement to this is the presence of Action Center in Windows 10 where all the notifications can be seen any time until dismissed.

9.      Cortana

In Windows 8, a tool was missing to search something from desktop. Windows 10 introduced revolutionary Cortana which is much more than just a search tool.

10.  Windows Hello

Windows 8 was having traditional methods to authenticate but Windows 10 enhanced the authentication process by bringing Windows Hello, a biometric authentication tool.

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