Windows 10 Update: Interoperability between Microsoft Edge and IE 11

Microsoft has announced that its upcoming Windows 10 update will introduce a new Internet Explorer group policy to restrict IE11 usage. This will apply to sites that run on Enterprise Mode Site List. What is Enterprise Mode Site List? Undoubtedly a list generated with time and over time that sends all sites to Microsoft Edge, not to IE11. So, is it a kind of control of restricting and limiting enterprise workers browsing? We cannot tell so early so blatantly but it is complex.

As Microsoft explained that enabling the Enterprise Mode Site List settings will allow some pre-defined and selected sites to open using Microsoft Edge. This new tweak will effect only when Microsoft Edge is set as the default browser. All other sites not listed in the Enterprise Mode Site List will be sent to Internet Explorer 11. Microsoft will not be limiting the current capabilities of IE11 to open all site but said this feature will work on both the v.1 and v.2 XML schemas. So, is Microsoft imposing a forced usage of the Edge to its enterprise clients?

If you look back at the early days of Microsoft Edge, speculators predicted it to be a robust browser but soon Windows 10 is released we saw the browser is gross. It did not have the necessary support for add ons. Later on Microsoft applied add on support to increase the user base on Microsoft Edge. What will happen with the new update is that users will get highly interoperable. It will be, as per Microsoft’s new release, allowing the users to view websites that say ‘This website needs Internet Explorer 11’. Microsoft will be using its previous technology but for those sites where IE11 is a requirement, the webpage will appear atop on the opened by Microsoft Edge. Microsoft says they will do it to let the user do their works fast, without having them to click for second program and letting the OS itself determine and open the required browser for the user. If you really consider it from a user experience point of view, certainly empowering the OS to open the IE11 for the necessary website while browsing through Microsoft Edge is a good effort. But you can always ask, if this can be a Microsoft class solution?

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