Security concerns and doubts about Windows 10’s Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Sense is one of the first wireless connection programs from Microsoft which was introduced for the Windows Phone 8.1. However, now it is ported to the Windows 10. As per most of the programming in-charges and software professionals, this so-called Wi-Fi Sense is one of the simple and convenient means of connecting to the available Wi-Fi network. But this so called convenient when associated with the software or hardware, it creates a sense of nervousness for the security pundits. And the interesting aspect is that this time it is not a different thing.

The security pundits have various aspects to worry about or think that they worry about. The first thing is the connection to the open network. The Wi-Fi Sense provides extensive and huge connection to the open crowd-sourced Wi-Fi Network of Microsoft. This is done through the automatic acceptance of the terms which provide the additional use of information on the behalf of the user. Here the crowd-source run Wi-FI would need a bit more explanation.

For many years, Microsoft has got a huge amount of repository of data and open hotspots. There is no doubt in it and with regard to each of the entry, this consist of creating the various network of specifics which includes various additional requirements in terms of sign-in. So, all these data, which is somewhat more than one million entries from all around the globe was not easy to obtain. This is was possible through the constant and proper consenting that users of Microsoft did when they simply logged into the hotspot areas and got labeled as the crowd-source.

Now as the Wi-Fi sense is simply activated, it would immediately reach to the first open hotspots. And what happens next is that as soon as it gets one, the available Wi-Fi Sense would then check the current hotspot beacon data. This is done against the database. So, just imagine if the information related to the hotspot is located. What would happen is the Wi-Fi Sense would automatically transfer the required information along with removing the major need for the intervention of the user.

Another concern for the security professionals is the sharing of the network through the Wi-Fi sense. As per this feature, the Wi-Fi network is shared without having to go through the tedious and long critical process of the inputting the SSID password. The representatives from the Microsoft office gave the explanation that when the Wi-Fi network are shared and accessed with various individuals like Facebook buddies, contacts from, the resulting aspect would lead to or help them in getting connected to the Wi-Fi network which is secured by a password.

Interestingly, you can select the given network that you like to share and be able to access online as and when there is network range. Additionally, with regard to guest connections, it is applicable for internet access and for other devices, computers, and file storage which are placed at the network, it is inaccessible.

Frankly, the SOHO business and its consumers were the first people to use the Wi-Fi Sense and according to them the security managers need not worry about any kind of security issues.

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