Release of MS Office app with Windows 10

As the days are inching closer to the release date of Windows 10 which is July 29th, there are various stories cropping up related to the anticipate update of the Microsoft Office. This is one of the other staples of the MS tool which is offering the Office and as per the company certain inhibitions are there with regard to its release. It is somewhat confirmed that the Universal application for the Office 2016 would be easily available in the Windows Store and would be among the release date of the Windows 10. This is a hot news and comes on heels after the release of Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac. Somewhat this is the clear plan from Microsoft.

The Universal apps would run on any kind of platform especially the ones which use the Windows 10 and irrespective of whether it is a phone, tablet, Xbox, etc; the app is simply designed to provide a close up front experience in the platform and bring about an agnostic experience. It has already been announced by Microsoft that they Universal Application for the Calendar and Outlook Mail would be somewhat installed along with the operating system.

However, in the case of the free Office applications, users would have to go back to the Windows Store for getting them downloaded. As most of the apps issued or found online are free, this could be the best means for Microsoft to instigate the users from the Windows 7 to come and use the Windows 10 and check out what is in store for them. Various apps like Word for Windows 10, OneNote for Windows 10, PowerPoint for Windows 10, etc have been an interesting part of the free Office suite. The interesting aspect is all the given apps would be free and they are touch-enabled, making it easy for working with tablets and phones, which do not have a full keyboard functionality in making.

Additionally, the Universal application could simply and technically work along with the Xbox One at a certain point and it could be quite interesting. Of course, they work quite apt with the mouse and keyboard for those users who simply enjoy on devices which lack a certain amount of functionality. Frankly, the free version of the Office app is just limited when it is compared to the Office 365 subscriptions and even for the stand-alone Office 2016 offerings. However, they do provide a decent amount of viewing and editing experience.

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