Microsoft announces subscription rates for Windows 10

Software on which personal computers run needs to be constantly upgraded so that it makes it easier for users to accomplish tasks faster and in the best ways.

One software company that has always endeavored to keep up with developments in the technology world is the Microsoft Company. Recently, this software company released a new version of Windows, Windows 10, which is an upgrade from Windows 8.1. This latest version has a number of high end features, such as the Microsoft Edge Web Browser and universal apps, that is, apps that can run even on other devices besides computers. In the past, the upgrade has been freely availed to users, and most users have very positive feedback on the software.

Recently, however, Microsoft announced that it will be charging monthly subscription rates for Windows 10. Consumers of the operating system can heave a sigh of relief as these rates will be directed to businesses that use the system, rather than individual consumers. The rates will be only $7 per month, which is quite affordable for most businesses. On the bright side however, there are several benefits that businesses will gain from the charges.

For one thing, paying monthly subscription rates will ensure security of business documents stored in the system. This means that privacy will be ensured to enterprises. They will also be safeguarded from vicious cyber-attacks that can cause the loss of important information. Additionally, businesses that run on Windows 10 will have an easier time during licensing and deployment. This will help save time during auditing. It will also allow users to change from Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 Enterprise E3 with ease and without needing to reboot their system. Moreover, these charged for services will include Partner managed IT, where users can turn over their cloud management to a Windows 10 expert. The expert can also help them to build security devices that will help keep data safe.

Although the new costs may not be agreeable to all, businesses have a lot to gain from this paid for services. It really is a worthwhile endeavor.

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