Microsoft discontinuing health and fitness apps

As per a recent confirmation from Microsoft, the less actively downloaded MNS apps would be discontinued and they won’t be appearing in the Windows 10. These apps are MSN Travel, Photosynth, MSN Health and Fitness, MSN Drink and Food and among them killing the MSN Health and Fitness apps is a low blow for Microsoft’s Nascent health and security initiative. All these given apps would be killed off irrespective of the platform in which they run – Android, Windows, IOS, etc. Among these apps, Microsoft is going to make an exception with regard to the MSN Health and Fitness Website for the reasons given in this articles.


The first reason is the kind of impact it has is different among various other applications. For example, this application has got a feature which can help in designing and organizing shopping lists. In addition, the remaining features of the app consist of exploring and pouring out the various recipes online. It even involves in reading news and culinary related topic. The MSN Travel app is extensively used for searching for hotels and flight bookings. It even helps in keeping track of the status of your flight, thereby instilling all the given features of a website. However, the website will be maintained even though Android and iOS version of the app will be discontinued.


It is the MSN Health and Fitness app which is quite worth to the user and Microsoft. And it is quite unclear on why Microsoft wants to kill it. The representatives of Microsoft do not have any response for it while the decision was made during the press release.


According to the statement issued in the press release, the representatives informed that Microsoft often and regularly updates and evaluates its business for ensuring that it remains focused on those areas which is of interest to the users and provides them with great value. They even stated that they would support those applications which have got broader consumer appeal like Sports, News, Weather, Money, etc. All these apps would be available soon in the Windows 10 and would be one of the major cross platform ones.


Currently, Microsoft is offering two health related apps – Microsoft Health and Microsoft Health and Fitness. Both these apps are compatible in the Windows phone but they have designed a new one which is the Microsoft Health app which works exclusively with the Microsoft run operating systems.

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