Updates in the minimum hardware requirements for improving the Windows security 

Microsoft has decided to bring some change. It tweaked the basic minimum system need for the operating system (OS).

VLC 2.0 app now publicly available for Windows 10 devices 

VLC has updated itself to make it compatible with the new Windows 10. This VLC version is the first public beta build for the new operating system Windows 10.

Microsoft discontinuing health and fitness apps 

As per a recent confirmation from Microsoft, the less actively downloaded MNS apps would be discontinued and they won’t be appearing in the Windows 10. These apps are MSN Travel, Photosynth, MSN Health and Fitness, MSN Drink and Food and among them killing the MSN Health and Fitness apps is a low blow for Microsoft’s […]

Microsoft ambiguous on Windows 10 support 

Microsoft advertising phrase “supported lifetime of the device” has been raising questions. First, on whether the users will receive free features and second, on what specific upgrades Microsoft is referring to. Microsoft 10 has been praised to be familiar, productive, personal and flexible. However, not enough light has been shone on the specific details on […]

Phone companies to link Windows 10 PC to Smartphones 

Microsoft is coming up with its all the latest invention of a special application for Windows 10 that is designed to make smartphone owners to close the gap that is existing between PC and handset users. The software developer is expecting that the new application companion will make iPhone and Android phone owners to get […]

Build 2015 Update: Windows 10 Coming With Big Game Changing Strategies 

The software giant Microsoft in its Build 2015 event last week unveiled some of the key features of its upcoming operating system, the Windows 10, scheduled for this Summer’s release had got the crowd and industry experts impressed with the finest upgrade and improvisation of the OS since its predecessors like the Windows 7, 8 […]