Use simple tricks to get the free version of Windows 10

All throughout the history, the upgrade of the Windows version is becoming a costly affair. Some feel that it is becoming a pricey prospect which can really waste of money if not done in a proper manner. This is applicable for both the upgrade and full license which makes this software expensive for home users. Now, this makes Windows license highly and best valued by users.

Surprisingly, the extensive amount of negative sentiment which is prevailing over the Windows 8.x which would then lead to an easy upgrade of the Windows 10. This would make and be applicable for the free version which is only for the first year, somewhat as a means of mea culpa. This given upgrade would be free for the users of Windows 8.x and even for the Windows 7 too. So, what about for the Windows Vista or the Windows XP? And the biggest issue is what about those users who are not users of the Windows operating system like the Ubuntu Linux, OS X, and BSD.

So, it means that no matter what kind of OS you are basically running on or using, there is a fair chance for you to score over the free version of the Windows 10 and that can be done by a simple trick. As per experts, (the Windows Insiders) who runs the Windows 10 Insider Previewer, the feature includes both the Pro and Home editions, especially the ones which are registered with the MSA. This would easily be present in the final release of the Windows 10 which is bound to occur on July 10th 2019.

There are various questions which Windows Insiders would have and especially on how it can work and when it can be installed into the ISO. Now, as per the developers, as long as one is able to run the Insider Preview, it can be easily connected and cleanly installed with the MSA which you have registered and it is something which is present in the Windows 10 especially the final release.

Now if you are quite greedy in theoretical senses, then with the latest version of the Windows 10 you can create various types of MS accounts and even be able to stockpile the various kinds of licenses. It is so simple as all you have to download the ISO here. This is what Microsoft has stated in its latest blog.

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