Finally! Microsoft launches Windows 10 Mobile

Last July, Microsoft had launched the Windows 10 for tablets and PCs.  Most people thought and expected the mobile version of the new OS to arrive within few months after the launch of the PC version. But it did not happen.

Many delays occurred and when Microsoft launched the latest mobile Lumina 950 and 950 XL in November, many people became delighted. Both the mobile phones were running on the new OS and people felt the wait was nearly over, but it did not turn out that way.

So, if you are really awaiting the arrival of the latest mobile OS, then the good news is what rumors you have heard is true. Microsoft has officially began to roll-out the Windows Phone 8.1 device with the latest OS. This new Windows 10 Mobile provides all kinds of features which you have heard about. This consists of Windows Hello, Continuum, and Cortana (one thing to note down here is that your device might not support all the given features of present here).

Now if you really want to upgrade the current Windows Phone 8.1 handset, you will first need to check out if the given device is compatible or not. This is done by checking if you can install the upgrade advisor app from the Windows store. So, if it is compatible, then you have to choose the option “Enable Windows 10 Upgrade” and then you are all set.

As per the Michael Fortin, the CVP of the Windows and Device Group Core Quality, currently the list of compatible devices consist of limited set of Windows Phone 8.1 devices and it does not have certain devices which are currently running on the Windows 10 Mobile, especially in the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Program.

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