Latest update of Windows 10 – Windows 10 Insider Build 14291 for achieving user-friendly environment

It is a busy Thursday for Microsoft. Since most of the people are waiting for the rollout of the latest Windows 10 Mobile, the software giant did something surprising. It pushed the new button. It decided to release the new update for the Insiders on the Fast Ring.

Often the Fast ring updates provide some new features, but other times, it will be simple tweaks to the given core and the bug fixes. Of course, this so called Windows 10 Insider Build 14291 is a noteworthy update. And somewhat it has been a long time since a significant extension for the Microsoft Edge in needed which can be used for pinning tabs and using for other Edge enhancements.

If you think this is the only update, then you are wrong.  There are other updates like Maps app and huge amount of wealth of changes which consist of introduction to the new Facebook Hub. No doubt, the Extension support is one of the biggies and it provides Microsoft Edge a chance to compete with the likes of Chrome and Firefox. For trying out an extension, you must click the ellipses which is present in the top right and choose the Extensions option.

In the Extensions pane, you have to click the Get extensions option. Now this is a new feature and since it is a brand new one, there are not many kinds of add-ons present at the moment. However, you do have the option to try the Microsoft Translator (which can automatically translate pages in more than 50 languages), Mouse Gesture and the earliest version of the Reddit Enhancement Suite.

Of course, there are more extensions on the way and this consists of Adblock, Adblock Plus, Evernote, LastPass, and Amazon. So go ahead and check out what more features and enhancements that Microsoft has bought into this product.

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