Windows 10 is released now!

Finally she is out in the town, yes, we are talking about the much discussed, shared OS from the Microsoft, the Windows 10 – the one of its kind OS in the series for the last time, that shaped history with its ancestors. Many of you already know the fact Windows 10 is free, you do not need to pay a buck and it is free to update. Whether you are using Windows 7, 8 or even the 8.1; everyone is gradually going to get updated into Windows 10. So, what is the big deal?

Well, this is the part of OS history when Microsoft is saying bye bye to its desktop, laptop OS versions and finally and fully getting into the smartphone OS. Your computer is supposed to get a notification icon at the bottom right with the Windows Live logo and if it has not yet notified you about updating to the latest OS, here is how you can download it. Remember the rollout updating will be phased, OS versions to OS versions and regions to regions. But if you cannot wait, this is the link to go directly to download it

But a little warning. Do not think of installing it at once you download it as experts and enthusiasts have already pointed to 5 glitches they could manage to identify. First of all, once the installation is complete you need to stop the Wi-Fi sharing. This little buddy in Windows 10 has been accused to share your contacts with the unknown servers. It may sound or look like synchronizing, but it is better to just avoid it. Go to your settings, then to change Wi-Fi settings and click on managing the Wi-Fi settings. Uncheck everything to make sure you share with networks that you manually select. Better if you set it to connect with hotspots of your preference only.

Next, the good part is, the start menu is back. Thanks to our wraths to Microsoft – it worked. But this start menu is unlike others. It is little bigger, unanticipated and have live tiles. Be sure to check do you at all need all those tiles on the start menu? You can customize the start menu, disable the tiles, add and remove ones per your desire. And oh, you can resize it too.

One more thing, whenever you are downloading the all new Windows 10, Microsoft is actually setting an adobe to your machine. It will, very likely, continue updating new packs, releases, add-ons and such and every time the OS gets modified, it will restart itself. This can be annoying. Control the automatic restarting going to the Advanced update’s settings section to select “Notify to schedule restart” right under the Advanced Windows Update options.

Here now comes two tips. Spend time knowing the new Action Center, I am sure it will worth spending the time and click on the notifications tray to manage the notifications. That’s all for now. I just don’t want you to get upset after downing the Windows 10 everyone is talking about. Try them, you will enjoy it.

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