Windows 10 Insider preview build 14388 for PC and Mobile in the Slow ring

For a personal computer to run, it requires an operating system, which is basically the software on which the computer runs, or sometimes even a smartphone.

Windows 10 is the latest operating system in the Windows family released by the giant software company Microsoft. Being a recent release, it has been characterized by a number of hitches and irregularities in its working. This is why the company has started a preview initiative that aims at addressing the problems that users have encountered in using this relatively new software while at the same time trying to improve the reliability of the operating system.

Some of the issues that have been reported with the operating system include problems with the narrator. Numerous cases narrator failing to work as expected have been reported, which has led the company to take some action to improve it. For instance, many users have reported that after shutting down their machines and then logging on again, the narrator completely stops working. In some instances, the narrator would not read the date and time from the settings of the computer. The fixed TPM driver would also occasionally crush and start bug checking, after which the machine would reboot. This was quite annoying for users. The insider Preview Build will also upgrade to version 11606.1001.39, which will provide a lasting solution to bug problems. If you wish to fix the issues, you can be able to do it from the settings option of your machine.

Windows phones running on Windows 10 were not spared either. Issues that these devices were reported to have included the voice recorder not working automatically as it should during calls. To solve the problem, Microsoft has announced that it will release an application specifically for that purposes. Some wallet users were infuriated by the fact that they would be requested to enter their PIN twice from a locked phone.

Although Windows 10 has its unique set of glitches, it still makes one of the best operating systems ever invented, with its superior features that make using a phone or computer a joy.

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