Microsoft releases Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14385

The Windows 10 upgrade is around the corner and Microsoft is already ahead of the users with an insider package that has newly improved features.

The company has released an Insider Preview Build 14385 to the consumer body. It contains various changes that are bound to make it easier for the users to use the Windows 10 version. Also, the version has other added advantages that were not present earlier. The release was announced by Dona Sarkar of Microsoft and contains improvements for the personal computer that are a bit different from the mobile version.

Among improvements from the PC include a longer battery life for surface devices. The pestering notification of the windows evaluation copy deadline has also been removed and this will come as a relief to many a consumer out there. Spotify will also no longer crash while the user is playing music and when one maximizes chrome, it will no longer be clipped. The host device will no longer bug check and reboot if a device connected to its mobile hotspot via a 5GHz Band browses to certain websites. Also, when a user connects to other VPNs, the pin prompt will not appear behind other windows. More changes include projecting on to another device which is now not automatic. One will have to get their personal computer to beacon for this to occur. LastPass and AdBlock Extensions when opened in Microsoft Edge will no longer fail to show their context menus and status information.

Microsoft has also fixed the mobile devices Windows 10 version such that the user can now open a PDF in Microsoft Edge and manipulate it using touch commands such as scrolling without having to load the PDF again. Apart from that, older devices such as Lumia 830, 930, and 1520 now have a longer battery life. The mobile owner can as well set the SIM name on a dual SIM phone without any hurdles unlike earlier.

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