KB3135173 / KB3135174 – Recent Windows 10 upgrades

Ever since the Windows 10 came to hit the PC users as a free upgrade, Microsoft is pouring its enormous efforts in making it better. This effort continued even in last week. On February 09, 2016, there been two major service upgrade for Windows 10. According to Microsoft, the new upgrades are all concerning quality improvements and security fixes. There was no upgrade to the OS features yet. So, what is worked in these upgrades are:

  • Fixation of authentication and update installation issues
  • Fixation of OS installation
  • Allowing Edge browser’s InPrivate browsing’s cache URL viewing
  • Users can now install multiple apps from the Windows Store at a time
  • Users can not install multiple updates at a time
  • Windows Kernel security has improved
  • Remote code execution allowed
  • Added songs to Groove Music can better play now without delay
  • Prevented Edge and IE 11 from installing malicious codes from different location to run on local machine.

Besides these other issues like improving .NET framework, Windows Journal, Active Directory etc also received further tweak and improvement. The second part of the update shortened the update installation time, improved Silverlight performance and developed the remote server configuration issues. Windows Journal is now allowed viewing of tables. Besides barcode scanning, assigned access, peripheral devices detection, scripting etc have received numbers of improvements. WebDAV, PDF library, Remote Desktop also received further improvisation.

In total it can be said that Microsoft is continuing to giving its best to Windows 10 since still many of the users who upgraded to the new version have ultimately rolled back to Windows 7 and 8. But soon after the Windows 10 continues to get such fixes from Microsoft, there would be obvious reasons for the Windows 7 and 8 users to prefer Windows 10.

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