Badge notification – The latest update for the Windows 10 anniversary

One of the familiar and basic concepts on the mobile phones is the badges. The presences of a bit numerical overlay on the particular app icons can give at-a-glance information regarding the various kinds of notifications which are there to look out for in the different services and apps. Keeping in mind of such aspects, Microsoft has revealed the same thing for the upcoming desktop.

Now among the various changes which are prescribed in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, some of them are taskbar notification for the Windows Platform running on Universal app. No doubt, this is a brand new notification which is joins the list of the improvised toast notifications and modifications made to the Action Center. Developers can try out this brand new feature as soon as possible, while some users have got the sneaky glimpse of how such things work out.

In addition, there have been various other announcements that have come out from the Build 2016, and interestingly, Microsoft has not given any kind of exact detail about how this feature is going to be and when it is going to see the light of the day. No doubt, it is going to be the Windows Insiders which will just try the badges in action. Also as the Windows 10 Anniversary and the update is getting pegged just for the late summer release, some feel that it is not going to be long before one can get to view the preview.

However, if you still want to see what is in store, you can content yourself with the image that is posted on Twitter by the software engineer of Microsoft Jen Gentleman. For a long time, this particular feature has been on the development tables and somewhat you can say that the taskbar icons have been quite updatable for a long time. This shows the number of notifications which are pending. But many people feel that the new system for the UWP apps can make the entire process more widespread and simple. Let’s wait and see.

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