No cost on Windows Mobile users after free upgrade deadline says Win Insider

Users of Windows can upgrade their packages to Windows 10 from 7 or 8.1 for free and will be able to do this until July 29th.

After this period expires, users will pay for new upgrades and updates. What most users are confused about is whether this deadline will impact only Windows 10 users or the mobile users as well. These concerns stem from the fact that Microsoft has often positioned the two OS as sister systems. The PC and mobile operating systems share the same core, same number buildup, same user interface components and many other features. Although the PC and mobile operating systems were launched on separate days, it is understandable where the confusion over who will pay for upgrades stems from.

Microsoft insider program new lead comes from Dona Sarkar who took to twitter to clarify that there will be no implications on mobile. Windows mobile users can upgrade their systems whenever they want free of charge before and after the free upgrade deadline expires. Nonetheless, this is not surprising to many as those familiar with mobile OS upgrades know they are offered absolutely free. Everyone expects mobile upgrades to be free of charge and changing this can be quite difficult. Moreover, Microsoft Windows 10 mobile is merely a year old and new upgrades were being tested as of April. Reasonably, this restricts Microsoft from imposing their PC policies on mobile. The phone market works very differently from PC market and top competitors offer seamless upgrades without charging anything.

Many kinds of questions and speculations are rising as we draw to the deadline of the free upgrade period causing worries and even panic among some. If you have Windows phone 8.1, you will be able to upgrade it to Windows 10 on any day you choose without paying and updates are easily accessible online.

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