Windows 10 to provide new accessibility upgrades on their anniversary updates

Accessibility upgrades are some of the most common as software manufacturers and developers seek to improve user experience and accessibility.

Windows 10 are notable for their regular anniversary updates that come with various improvements. Although people are already enjoying the free upgrades and the free upgrade window expires on 31st July, the August 2nd anniversary will make these new upgrades available to everyone. Some of the accessibility upgrades that you should expect with the anniversary updates include Text to speech voices that are expected to be will be twice as first.  In their own blog, Windows developers claimed they have added more words to their narrator that translates speech to voices to boost top rate. The current narrator allows about 400 words per minute while the new updates will allow up to 800 words per minute.

There will be Narrator with new languages.  New international languages have been added to the narrator including Arabic, French (Canada), Spanish (Mexico), Finnish (Finland) Danish (Denmark), Dutch (Belgium), Norwegian (Norway), Portuguese (Portugal), Turkish (Turkey) and Swedish (Sweden) among others.

In addition to this, more familiar navigation keys have been added to the navigator so users can stop worrying about the complex navigation characteristic of Windows 10. There is also the Scan mode, which is a new feature that activates a scan mode through pressing CAPS LOCK and SPACE. When in this mode, highlighting a link or pressing a button in an app is as simple as pressing space. There is also the Auto-suggest results feature. Many applications in the package can now suggest results when you start typing in the box.

There are many other accessibility updates that will be available on the coming anniversary and some are already active if you are taking advantage of the free upgrade period to download new features. Punctuation modes, new easy user guidelines, feedback and more levels of verbosity are all new updates that Windows 10 will have starting this August.

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