Build 2015 Update: Windows 10 Coming With Big Game Changing Strategies

The software giant Microsoft in its Build 2015 event last week unveiled some of the key features of its upcoming operating system, the Windows 10, scheduled for this Summer’s release had got the crowd and industry experts impressed with the finest upgrade and improvisation of the OS since its predecessors like the Windows 7, 8 and 8,1 have always been labeled with some observations and concerns of challenging the users in various levels. Microsoft announced that the Windows 10 OS will take over more than one billion of the IT users just in two years from its release date explaining the company strategy behind the huge adoption of the new OS that all the previous versions, that are legitimate, will be automatically upgraded to the new version and it will be done for free. The corporation while targeting the big chunk of the computer OS market globally, has also eyed on the pirated illegitimate copies of the OS and mentioned that will be having alternatives for those pirated versions to migrate to a newer OS level that were never experienced before.

As for the revenue strategy it is predictable that the company is not targeting on handful cash on its first year of the release of Windows 10 however Microsoft is after bending the market, the competition alike with expanding its growth share out of proportion. Many suggested that the company is looking forward to making its appearance as a business prospect that creates the lull for the developers of apps for computer and Smartphone, tabs and pods.  Certainly if Microsoft can succeed in its strategic venture then app developers will have the treat as in contemporary Smartphone industry Windows OS phones are the third priority of the users. A random survey revealed that Smartphone users first prefer the Android devices then the iOS in the second position and Windows comes as the solution to neither the options. If Windows 10 achieves its adoption goal of over 1 billion people, this will force the developers to follow the market. Google’s Play, Apple’s iStore will all come down to compete with Windows store! However, the brand recognized the fact that lately few of the developers are coming back to the mainstream of developments for Windows OS though the market adoption share for Windows been third, it is moving and growing fast. A temptation is already there for the developers.

It has been noted that the Windows intention is to open up its subscription system and add the convenience of making bill payment from the phone. So, the giant corporations will widen up multiple streams of cash flow.

Prior to the Build 2015, Microsoft rendered tremendous efforts in launching developer titles, which after the technical preview of the Windows 10 can be interpreted as the porting facility of apps for Android and iOS with the Windows platform. The developers’ alienation of Windows as an OS can be addressed duly with the strategy that is indeed ensuring low resource utilization.  If we put the BlackBerry experience in contrast to that of Microsoft then many might find it a risky venture for Windows developer as it is simply making the developers continue enforcing apps development that can run on Windows by porting only.  However, it is still too early whether the risk forecast is realistic or not, Windows 10 can certainly revise its own strategy at any time.

Aside from those commercial strategies of Microsoft the software giant will have newer features in the upcoming release and will make the Continuum mode to work and function where experts define the continuum mode as the peripheral sharing of mobile phones to get computer like work experience.  If you are thinking that Windows 10 will replace the PC with the phone then you are probably not wrong as Windows 10 will bring lots of aspects for the tiny handheld device from your table top computer.

Among the predictable moves, as you already heard of the ‘IE is no more’, the Windows 10 will host the new browsing experience with the Project Spartan browser that is already recognized as categorized as a threat for Chrome from Google and Firefox from Mozilla Corporation. Next after the Project Spartan browser there will be Microsoft Edge.

A lockscreen option is also coming in the new release that will make the users to get view of more information, while the Cortana interface, the Start Menu etc will also receive major and daring changes to entice the users.

More to the list that are unveiled in the Build 2015 last week include Windows Holographic, which is a fantasy itself. More are there, that we shall talk later.

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