Latest feature of Windows 10 – Displaying notifications from Android phone

Among the various features of the Windows 10, the Notification Center is indeed a great idea. However, there are many who might argue that it can be somewhat limited as well as poorly implemented. Now there are many people who have Windows 10 mobile phone, and for them it is greatly useful because of the presences of the notification sharing feature.

Interestingly, this feature is going to expand to Android users too. In the Build, it was revealed by Microsoft that the Notification Center is going to be in line for a major overhaul. And this is not going to bring the Cortana power notification and mirroring to the Android users. It will even give a richer and more image-heavy kind of notification experience.

This news is not so great for the users of iPhone because the iOS has a tightly controlled nature which makes it a difficult task for Microsoft. And it does not end here. Even on the card is the presences of the option called as ‘universal dismiss’. Here this option makes it possible for one to destroy one notification from a single device and at the same time wipe it from others.

And this is going to be one of the best update. Another update which is going to generate a huge amount of interest is the notification mirroring. This feature means that you are going to be able to view the notifications from the Windows 10 system right on your Android phone or the phone notification present in the PC.

Furthermore, you can view the message right from the PC when it comes through the phone and you can do other things like dismissing the notifications, replying to messages without switching from one device to another.

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