Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

Windows 10 is the new operating system release from Microsoft. It comes with many innovative features that are exciting to use. Windows 10 retains the look of Windows 7, and retains much of the added functionality of Windows 8. It is also being actively supported by Microsoft.

You can make Windows 10 touch friendly.

If your computer has a touch screen, then you can activate this function. Go to Start>>settings>>system>>tablet mode. The touch mode can make usage easier.

Windows Hello:

Windows 10 can recognize biometric parameters through Windows hello. If your computer is enabled, then go to   start >>settings>>account >>sign-in options. Parameters recognized include the fingerprint, and the face.

Virtual desktops

This can be created for different tasks with Windows 10. Click task view, then click new desktop.

The Windows voice assistant software

Cortana can synchronize with the voice assist software on your Windows phone. Therefore notifications from your Windows phone can be automatically transferred to your computer, and vice versa. Thus you can monitor all your Windows devices from your personal computer.

Windows 10 has a find my device function.

This makes it possible to track the location of all your devices that have Windows 10 installed. To use this function, go to Start>>update and security>>Find my device. This is useful if any of your devices has been misplaced, or is missing.

Move an open window

You can move an open window from one virtual desktop to another in Windows 10. When you click on task view, you can drag the window into another desktop. This makes it easier to manage some tasks that are being performed.

Windows Updates:

With Windows 10, you can obtain Windows updates from other sources, and not only Microsoft. It is possible to share a certain update with other computers which are also running Windows 10. The route is: settings>>updates and recovery>> Windows updates>>Advanced Options>>choose how you download updates. Therefore you can share specific updates across all your Windows pcs.


With Windows 10, you can take videos of any open window on your screen. Click the Windows logo key +G.

Command interface

In the command interface in Windows 10, you can now use Ctrl+ V to paste items. This makes it easier to copy and paste on the command window.

Update restarts

You can control update restarts in Windows 10. This enables you to determine when your computer will restart in the process of installing updates. Go to settings>>updates and recovery>>Windows updates.


Windows 10 is a new operating system software introduced by Microsoft corporation. It has many improvements over older versions of Windows. There are many additions that make for increased speed and efficiency in making use of the software.

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