5 Things You Must Know About Windows 10

Windows 10 has received some new updates which have increased the functionality of the software in many ways.

Some features of Windows 10 you must know.

The voice assistant software Cortana can now be used from the locked screen:

This voice assist software can runs on the Windows10 mobile, Microsoft band, Xbox one, and Windows phone 8.1. The languages in which Cortana is available include English, French, Spanish, Portugese, Italian German and Chinese.

You can use Cortana to do the following tasks

Set different types of reminders: You can ask the Cortana assistant to remind you to do a specific duty at a specific time or to remind you of any event which you are liable to forget.

Search: With Cortana, you can search through files, folders or subfolders by command. This natural language search is very useful as a time saver.

It can be configured: Cortana is integrated with Microsoft edge, and uses bing as a default search engine, though it can be configured to work with other browsers.

Answer: Cortana answers direct questions after carrying out a quick bing search. So you can ask a specific question to Cortana, and it will carry out a bing search and provide the answer.

Chat with Cortana: It is possible to simply chat with the Cortana voice assistant, as it can give responses to simple questions and commands

No login required: Previously, to use Cortana, you needed to log in, but with the latest update to Windows 10, it is possible to interact with Cortana without login in.

You can now use Cortana to run these tasks from the locked screen: To enable Cortana work from the locked screen, go to task bar, click on the  Cortana search box>>click Cortana settings>>Enable ‘Hey Cortana’>>Enable ‘use Cortana even when my device is locked’.

Microsoft edge now has support for browser extensions:

Microsoft edge is a lightweight browser with a simple interface which comes with Windows 10. It is also bundled with the voice assist software Cortana. It contains some useful features such as a reading view function with which you can save documents to a reading list for later perusal. It offers a faster browsing experience than internet explorer.

The latest update to Windows 10 has enabled support for browser extensions on Microsoft edge. The presence of web notifications from the Microsoft edge browser to the desktop, were also added in the latest update.

Windows 10 incorporates Windows hello:

With sufficiently enabled hardware, you can use your finger print or iris as a form of identification. Windows 10 can recognise finger print patterns and features of the iris, and respond based on these. This removes the burden of remembering passwords, and also enhances security.

Phone notifications can now be synchronized with PC in Windows 10:

With the latest update to Windows 10, you can now receive notifications from your Windows phone on your PC.


Windows 10 is a new version of the Windows operating system. It has many innovative features and offers an improved user experience. The latest update to Windows 10 added a lot of extra functionality.


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