Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14376 for PC and mobile arrives on the fast ring

This is an operating system made for a section of users to provide a platform over which reviews on the system are given to facilitate the making of better software. The Windows 10 anniversary update now appears not to be occurring any time soon till around the start of August; which has been much awaited. The momentum with which Windows insider previews are being produced is impressive.

Build 14376 is being introduced by the software giant for both PC and mobile to the fast ring and in the process sliding out build 14372 to the slow ring. This new build 14376 comes with over 1800 fixes.

Microsoft has brought to our attention some of these fixes. For instance, the update rolled out is meant to improve reliability and accessibility. The network and VPN connections on the taskbar were fixed to launch the network settings page like it should. There was an issue causing an error message whenever one was using developer mode; this is taken care of by the new build. Fixed issues with the narrator enabling the use of physical volume buttons to adjust the volume and preventing crashing of the narrator. The issue of the lock screen background not being displayed properly was fixed. These are just some of the fixes made concerning PCs.

Microsoft has also given insight concerning fixes for mobile. A store update has been provided that enhances the performance, reliability and accessibility. It has been made that now a Microsoft display dock can now be used to fix issues. Download of certain offline maps has been eased. Going between camera roll and camera app has been improved. These are just some of the adjustments and improvements made.

This being a fast ring release, there are bound to be some issues to watch out for. For PCs, Microsoft is yet to identify any, while on the other hand there are some pointed out for mobile. Issues that were recognized in the mobile include as follows. One concerned an issue of the PDF reader whereby you are only able to open a PDF but not able to do with anything else. There are also issues of a decrease in battery life for older models such Lumia 820,920 and 1520. Issues of disconnection of Wi-Fi are being looked into.

Microsoft had introduced an app known as “messaging everywhere” whereby one would be able to send messages from their Microsoft mobile to their Microsoft PC. This project was later dropped though, as Microsoft preferred to focus on something better in the line of Skype.

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