Windows 10: Better, Stronger, Faster

There are some advantages that Windows 10 has over Windows 7 and Windows 8.  Most of these have to do with innovative functions present in Windows 10.

Windows 10 can be used on a variety of different platforms such as computers, pads, phones and other devices.

The start experience in Windows 10 is fully customizable. The beloved start button feature in older versions of Windows has been restored. The live tiles are also retained for users who prefer them.

Windows 10 has a notification center where all notifications on the pc are assembled for quick and easy response. In Windows 10, users can also receive notifications from the web browser as well as other devices like Windows phones.

The use of multiple desktops has been added to Windows 10, thus a user can switch his work from one desktop to another as necessary

Security updates to the Windows 10 software are delivered directly without going through Windows update, thereby ensuring that there is no interference with the reception of security updates.

Microsoft office applications can now be customized to respond fully to touch. This makes for a better user experience.

Windows 10 performs as well as Windows 7 and Windows 8. It also has the benefit of receiving mainstream and extended support from Microsoft Corporation. This means that improvements and enhancements will continue to be released for Windows 10 for many years. These include security, additional features and enhancements and guarantees. This will make it decidedly more robust than older versions of Windows in the future.

In many ways, Windows 10 can offer a more efficient user experience than older versions of Windows. The voice assistant Cortana, enables very quick access to many of the functions of Windows such as folder searches, quick opening of Windows and access to apps. Some Microsoft applications like Microsoft outlook work faster on Windows 10 than on other versions.

The browser that comes bundled with Windows 10 is a very fast lightweight browser known as Microsoft edge, and it is fully integrated with the voice assistant, which enables very speedy internet searches.

Windows 10 will receive mainstream support till October 13 2020, and extended support till october14 2025. This continued support and improvement of the operating system software will ensure that it remains secure.


Windows 10 comes with many innovative features that are exciting to use. It currently performs at about the same rate with the older versions of Windows, but with the benefit of popular and prolonged support from Microsoft, it will become more robust in the future. It is therefore a good idea to switch over to Windows 10 from the older operating system versions.

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