Microsoft Admits Forcing More Users Onto Windows 10

Microsoft has been known to block the updates for windows 7 & 8 running on the high end 7th generation Core i3, i5 & i7 processors. These updates are also being blocked for Qualcomm 8996 and AMD Ryzen processors. Microsoft bounds these devices to switch to Windows 10 if they are willing to keep on receiving any updates.

The system works alright normally but when you try to open up the windows update center, it generates different error messages stating some unknown error and informing the user that the windows was unable to find any new updates.

When Microsoft was inquired about this issue, one of their spokesmen told that the latest silicon generations may offer their best performance while running on the latest platform of windows as it offers the right kind of support for optimal performance. He further added that the extensive use of Windows 10 on these devices enables Microsoft to put all their focus on improving the integration, compatibility and reliability as well.

If you try to give it an unbiased thought, you will come to understand that the argument presented by Microsoft makes some sense. In simpler words, Microsoft wants to make sure that their latest windows runs on the latest systems as well as possible. While Windows 10 is the latest Windows platform, it would not be logical at all to go back to Windows 7 or 8 in order to improve them or make them optimal for the latest devices.

The Intel Sky Lake processors presently support the Windows 7 & 8 but they won’t be supporting them from the coming July. Therefore, users having these operating systems installed on their systems would require upgrading to the latest Windows platform in order to ensure they keep getting the updates.

While the whole thing makes some kind of sense, it is kind of wrong as well. Microsoft is pursuing the right logic by promoting the latest Windows but users of previous Windows like 7 & 8 must not be extorted to use the latest platform over updates.

In addition to the above mentioned facts, it is important to state for the record that Windows 10 is going to be the ultimate variant of Windows. There won’t be a Windows 11 or Windows 12 or any other Windows for that matter. But at the same time, Microsoft will keep on refining the Windows 10 so several sub-variants might be released. While this appears to be promising, the alarming thing is that you would not be able to go back to any other platform in case you do not like some feature of the latest variant of Windows 10. Some of the users are having a lot of problems with Windows 10 at the moment and this will stay the same with the upcoming variants as well. if we take a look at it through Microsoft’s perspective, they are pursuing a good business tactic but they also need to keep the users’ perspective in mind.

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